is a London based online business.

Made by Travellers
The website is operated by european based travellers themselves who has a passion for Phuket as a travel destination. We provide second to none service that meets the needs of you as a traveller seeking information. That's why we ourselves are european based.

Value Proposition
We provide you with a comprehensive hotels database with competitive offers, together with related travel and tour services. This same high level of service is also offered to our hotel and business partners, for whom we have created an user-centric online booking tool to promote their properties and services against an ever more demanding global audience.

Our mission

  • To the englishspeaking tourist offers the most relevant, updated and visually appealing travel online guide of Phuket. Also the portal provides you with an online community and offers you the most comprehensive and visually appealing hotel directory and booking option of hotels in Phuket.
  • For the intermediates travel2phuket offers a free of charge, easy, user friendly and effective online promotion channel and reservation system to the hotels and operators located in Phuket who has a preference for website traffic, conversions, booking and profitable business.
  • In general, we strive to provide an additional promotional channel to the stakeholders of the travel industry with business interest in Phuket.
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