Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate with warm temperatures year round. There are 3 different seasons: cool, hot and rainy.

The rainy season comes during the south west monsoon between May and October and this is when most of the yearly rainfall occurs. The cool season occurs after the monsoon lasting from November to February when cool, dry winds from the north east arrive. The hot season is from March to May as the heat gradually builds before the monsoon breaks.

May to October - Monsoon Season
By May the air over the Asian continent has built up intensely. This draws in cool moisture laden air from the south west over the Indian Ocean bringing rains to Thailand and the rest of south east Asia. Being in the southwest of Thailand, Phuket is one of the first to experience the monsoon rains. The start and end of the monsoon season bring the wettest weather; May, September and October. Phuket experiences 350-400mm average rainfall during these months. The intervening months of June, July and August see a little less rainfall with about 280mm per month.

Temperatures during the monsoon season are hot: between 28C and 29C on average, with highs around 31C and lows around 25C.

Don't let the monsoon deter you from travelling; it is a good time to take advantage of quieter beaches and cheaper prices. The rains are most of a nuisance than anything more, and showers are often over quickly before the clouds break and the sun reappears. July and August have become a mini high season on the island as holiday makes travel over from Europe on the summer vacations and many Australians take a break from their winter weather. These months especially can still see a good amount of sunshine.

November to February - High Season
This is the high season in Phuket and sees the best weather of the year. The southwest winds that brought the monsoon are reversed and now cooler dry air arrives from the northeast.

The weather is very dry at this time and temperatures are at their most comfortable between around 23C and 30C. Humidity drops to its lowest of 58% in February, helping to make conditions very pleasant. December is the coolest month of the year, averaging 27C and February is the driest month averaging 30mm of rain.

March to May - Dry and Hot
This time can get very hot in Phuket with daily highs going up to 34C on average. The heat builds and builds before the monsoon arrives sometime in May.

It is dry at this time with plenty of blue skies, but with temperatures often in the mid 30s many people find it too hot for comfort. Humidity builds during this time too adding to the discomfort and the first thunderstorms are evident in April.

Business life divides Phuket into four periods
Low season: April to October
High Season: November to December 15
Peak Season: December 16 to January 15
High Season: January 16 to February

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