Phuket has some beautiful tropical rainforests in addition to its world famous coastline and there are several ways to enjoy these lush green environments.

Elephant Trekking
Elephants are among the most impressive animals on earth and elephant trekking is a wonderful way to experience Thailand's great outdoors. The strength, grace and intelligence of these magnificent creatures will certainly impress you and the perspective from your perch astride a pachyderm will give you a different view of the forest as they carry you along, though the ride is far from smooth.

ATVs are another popular way to see the roads less travelled. Four-wheeled ATVs are simple to operate and can go nearly anywhere. Guided tours are available to take you through rubber plantations, over rugged hills and to isolated beaches.

Push Bikes
Bicycle hire is also widely offered and if you set out early enough to beat the tropical midday heat, you can easy tour the entire island in a day provided you are fit enough to traverse the small hills between the bays.

Thai Boxing and Playing Golf
Watching or doing thai boxing is also an obvious option as well as playing golf. Refer to Golf on this webpage for more info.‎


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