Water Sports

Phuket is an ocean lover's paradise and many of the most popular Phuket activities is at the sea. Sailing, boating, fishing, swimming, sea kayaking, jet skiing and parasailing are some of the many water activities to be enjoyed on the island.

Sailing and fishing
The Andaman Sea is one of the calmest and most beautiful waters in the world and people flock to Phuket to take advantage of its crystal clear, glass like waters.

A day sailing is the best way to experience the Andaman. There are companies that offer guided day trips to nearby Phang Nga Bay, with its stunning towers of limestone rising straight out of the water. For those wishing to strike out on their own, kayak, canoe rentals and jet ski are available near most of the island's beaches.

There are several mooring areas on the island and a large number of yachting and boating clubs. Sailing lessons, yacht charters and dinner cruises are all popular activities.

Sport fishing charters are available for those who wish this. The mangrove estuaries and shallow island reefs are with light tackle game fish while deep-sea enthusiasts will find an abundance of blue water species such as Black Marlin and Sailfish.

Diving and snorkelling
This is probably the most popular activity in Phuket, and there are a number of dive shops. Whichever beach you stay at there will be a few choices to join dive excursions and possibly take a course if you have no PADI qualification.

There are great reefs and wrecks of this coast, some reasonably close to Phuket and the water visibility is generally regarded to be good, especially during the busy Christmas season. Those who've never dived can enroll in a PADI Openwater Course.

If this is all too much bother, you can still get a taste of the underwater world with a snorkelling trip to witness surface marine life. A lot of day tours include an hour or two of snorkelling in colourful and lively spots. This is enough for most and more rewarding that hiring gear and trying your luck offshore from the beaches.

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