If you would like to visit a Phuket cinema and watch one of the latest Hollywood movies during your stay on the island then please note that there are three Phuket cinemas from which you can choose.

Phuket Paradise Multiplex
The oldest of the Phuket cinemas is the one located in the center of Phuket town at Robinson's and Ocean Plaza. The Phuket Paradise Multiplex shows both English speaking as well as local Thai movies and they have the cheapest ticket prices of all the Phuket cinemas.

This Phuket cinema is not as popular anymore as before as tourists staying in Patong or one of the other Phuket beach areas prefer to visit one of the newer Phuket cinemas which are located closer by to their hotel or resort.

Central Festival Phuket Cinema
The SFX Coliseum Cinema at the Central Festival Phuket shopping mall opened around 2004 and has been a popular Phuket attraction since it opened its doors.

Not only is this Phuket cinema state of the art but visitors can also do some great shopping at the modern Phuket shopping mall in which it is located. If you are visiting this Phuket cinema with your girlfriend or wife then be sure to take the sofa sweet chair.

Patong Cinema
The Patong cinema is the SF Cinema City Jungceylon which is located in the massive and upscale Phuket jungceylon shopping mall. Tickets at this Phuket cinema are slightly more expensive then what you would pay at the other two Phuket cinemas.

This Patong cinema is becoming increasingly popular as most tourists don't want to travel all the way to one of the other two Phuket cinemas and they instead visit the Phuket cinema located at this wonderful Patong shopping mall.

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