Animal Shows
These shows has trained animals, like monkeys and elephants, performing tricks. Snake and crocodile shows feature brave handlers who perform stunts with the animals.

Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea is a a very big theme-park located in Kamala, packed with activities and entertainment. The park's theme is inspired by Thailand's rich and exotic heritage.

Phuket Stunt Show
The Phuket Stunt Show is a once nightly action packed entertainment show that will thrill and excite audiences of all ages and nationalities. Our 'Aqua Spectacular' show is the latest and the most dynamic permanent tourist attraction in South East Asia.

Simon Cabaret
Simon Cabaret is Phuket's famous transvestite cabaret. Stunning costumes, bright lights, an excellent sound system and expensive sets are all part of this theatrical extravaganza.

Thai Boxing
Professinal fights are found at the Phuket Boxing Stadium in Phuket City. However, there are venues in tourist areas that hold show fights which can still be quite ferocious and provide an entertaining spectacle.

Film Fantasea
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