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Songkran Festival Apr 13 -15

Songkran is the Thai New Year Festival, also known as the Water Festival. Held during the driest month in Thailand, Songkran is ce...

Songkran (Thai New Year). Also known as the Water Festival. Held during the driest months in Thailand, Songkran is celebrated by Thais throughout the country by pouring – traditionally only a little, but these days a lot – of water on other people to wish them good luck for the New Year. In recent years, the tradition of sprinkling water has been interpreted by youngsters as a great excuse for a water fight, and it is not uncommon to have buckets and containers of water thrown at you by teams of merry makers in the backs of trucks as you make your way down the street - particularly in major tourist areas like Patong. Small children delight in equipping themselves with water guns and spraying anyone who comes in their path - no one is exempt! Remember this date when you are in Patong and leave your cameras and anything likely to suffer water damage behind in your hotel room, because you will get wet.

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