National Parks

Phuket's national parks are the host of abundant species of exotic, reserve animals such as wild boars, mouse deers, barking deer, monkeys, gibbons, langurs, rare species of birds, leatherbag turtles and a marine life, that would likely become extinct nowadays.

Exploration amazes you even more with all the unusual plants, beautiful and colorful, and those make national parks becomes alive and mysterious to be discovering.

Khao Prataew (Khao Phra Thaeo) National Park
A beautiful place for jungle trekking on the island, Khao Prataew National Park encompasses approximately 2,200 square kilometres of forest and serves as a nature preserve for many species of wild animals. There are two beautiful waterfalls here that draw lots of Thai picnickers on the weekends.

Bang Pae is the largest waterfall on the island at approximately 18 metres in height. It's approximately a 10-minute walk to the waterfall from the parking area. Next to the parking area is the information desk of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. Ton Sai waterfall is also located in Khao Prataew.

Sirinat Marine National Park
On the northern part of Phuket island, Sirinat National Park covers 90 square kilometres, including the popular Nai Yang Beach. ThThe park is home to many unusual plants and animals. A convenient nature trail guides visitors on a light walk through the park, and includes signs in English and Thai. The majority of the park area encompasses the sea and mangroves. There are coral reefs approximately a kilometer offshore in depths of four to seven metres.

National Parks in Phang Nga province

Similan Islands National Marine Park
Designated national parks like the Similans are spared any tourist development. The number-one place for scuba diving in Thailand, this national park encompasses 140 square kilometres and is known for its massive granite boulders both on land and under the water. The beautiful collection of 11 islands here offers sparkling sands and clear waters that are sure to impress. Beneath the surface is abundant sea life including ghost pipe fish, sharks, mantas and the occasional whale shark; while above are a variety of birds and mammals.

Koh Tachai is the northernmost island in the group, and contrary to popular belief, Richelieu Rock is not part of the park. The Similans are located approximately 70km from Tab Lamu pier near Khao Lak and services are also available from Phuket island. There are bungalows, restaurants and camping facilities on Koh Si and Koh Paed. The park is only open in the high season (approximately November to May) due to the monsoon winds in the low season. Additionally, not all the islands are open each year, so that the reefs have time to recover.

Khao Lak Lam ru National Park
Often passed over in favour of the beach, Khao Lak Lam ru should be visited if you are staying in Khao Lak and have a little time to spare. It covers 125 square kilometres and contains some mountainous ranges with a highest peak of just over 1,000m above sea level. Many rivers in Phang Nga province emerge through this park, including Mae Nam Phang Nga and Mae Nam Takua Pa. Inside the park are dense forests and wild animals including tigers, boars, deer, tapirs, gibbons and bears. Most people visiting the park wants to head to Lam ru waterfall, which boasts five levels of water that flow year round.

Surin Islands National Marine Park
Covering 135 square kilometres, this park lies just south of Thailand-Myanmar border on Andaman Sea and just 100km north of the Similans. More than three-quarters of the park is in the sea and there are five main islands here that serve as shelter for fishing boats and as home to Moken sea gypsies. There is still relatively little polution here and the islands are covered in lush jungle.

The marine life consists of hard and soft corals, as well as many species of fish and shark, making this a popular place for scuba diving despite its distance from tourist areas. A ferry runs from Kuraburi to the islands, taking about four hours. Bungalows are available but should be booked in advance with the national park office on the mainland.

National Parks in Surat Thani province

Khao Sok National Park
If you are visiting Phuket and you enjoy national parks, you should not miss out on Khao Sok. Just a few hours drive north of the island, through beautiful scenery, this park is located just inside Surat Thani province and encompasses 645 square kilometres. The park is mountainous and lush with tropical forests. Its home to a variety of interesting plants and animals, as well as caves and a variety of impressive waterfalls. 

National Parks in Krabi province

Phi Phi Islands National Park
Often mistaken for being park of Phuket province, the Phi Phi Islands are located about 40km southwest of Krabi town and are included in Krabi province. The two stunning islands of the park, Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don, are famed for their backpacker charms and scuba diving. Accommodation is located on Phi Phi Don, and Tonsai bay is a popular hang-out for those in search of bars, massage shops and scuba diving lessons.

There are no cars or motorbikes on the island, so transport to other parts of the island not within walking distance is made by longtail boat. Maya bay was the location for the filming of The Beach, which starred Leonardo Di Caprio in the 1990s. Although Tonsai bay was hit hard during the 26 December 2004 tsunami, the area is now returned to its original state and tourism is back to normal.

Than Bok Korani National Park
If you are driving to Krabi this is a very worthwhile stop just off the main road from Pha Nga and it can also be realistically be visited as a pleasant day trip from Krabi. The park is situated among the distinctive mounds scattered all over this region and consists of multiple caves with delightful, fairy tale like ponds of emerald green, flanked by tall cliffs and finished off with steps of water. It's better to visit during the week when you can have the whole place to yourself and certainly one of the best kept secrets in the area.

Khao Phanon Bencha National park
This nice park near Krabi is a 50km2 park featuring virgin rainforest set among a range of mountains with several waterfalls to visit and a hiking trail. The park has a wide variety of wild animals and bird life which can sometimes be spotted and offers a camping ground set among pleasant surroundings at the entrance.

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