When to Buy

Prices are fixed in department stores and larger shops, but at most other places bargaining is expected, especially at markets and shops where the prices are not displayed.

Roadside stalls will often quote double the price, and sometimes even more, which the seller will accept. So start low, beside the fact of your considerations of how much it has cost to produce make your own personal evaluation on what value the item is to you be happy to hit that figure if you enter the bargain.

Check and Compare
It’s adviseable to check different shops and compare prices. Expect to pay from 10-50% less than the original asking price - depending on your bargaining skills and the will of the vendor. Obtain a receipt for expensive items.

Choose Who to Consult
Be cautious of tour guides, taxi/tuk tuk drivers or friendly strangers who offer to take you shopping. In nearly all cases they will receive a commision, which of course is added to the price you pay.

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