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You’re in Thailand. Welcome and bargain with a smile. Many Thais work long hours, so they appreciate a smile and good humour - you'll get better bargains.

Taxi drivers approaching
The Tourism Authority of Thailand warns against touting taxi drivers and tour guides who offer to take you shopping and receive commissions for bringing tourists to various places to shop. Often the experience is a waste of your valuable shopping time. 

Also, beware of people approaching or calling you with offers of free trips or other prizes - it's usually a timeshare sales representative trying to book you into a sales presentation, which you'll have to do if you agree to join its tour. Again, it's often a waste of your time.

Remember to check your status on relevant vaccinations and refer to the phone section of this website section.

Basic stuff to bring
As on any trip. Don't forget: passport, visa, credit cards, cash, flight and hotel reservation or tickets, cellular and medicine. With this you are able to navigate through most waters. Refer to the checklist webpage for additional items to bring.

Thai Baht notes comes in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 Baht notes. There's 100 Satang to one Baht, but you never really have to pay less than one Baht for anything. Look into the currency menu to the left for further information.

Visitors entering the Kingdom on tourist visas are entitled to refunds of the 7% value added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased at shops, department stores and other retail outlets displaying "VAT Refund for Tourists" signs, where tax refund application forms are available. Before leaving the country, visitors must present a completed VAT refund form, plus passport information and receipts, to a customs officer. Certain luxury goods must be shown to an excise official. Refunds may be in bank draft form or credited to a credit card. Call the VAT Refunds for Tourists Office (02 272 9388) for more information.

One of the best way to enter Thailand is on a tourist visa which can be applied for outside of the country, at any Thai consular office. It is possible to apply for 30- or 60-day tourist visas, which can then be extended for an additional 30 days at an Immigration office in Thailand for a fee of 1,900 baht.

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