Phone Calls

Thailand Country Code: 66
Phuket Area Code: 076
IDD Code: 001

Calling Phuket from overseas you need to leave out the ‘0’ at the beginning of the area code, so you would dial 66-76-…

To call overseas from Thailand, you first need to dial the international direct dial (IDD) access code, which is 001, followed by the relevant country code (001 + country code + area code + phone number), e.g. UK (44), so you would dial 001-44-...

There are a number of different types of public payphones in Phuket:

Regular coin-operated phones
These can be used for local or long distance domestic calls and are found along busy streets. 

These are orange and can be found next to the coin-operated pay phones. You can purchase a phone card from convenience stores or at a post office and at Telephone Authority offices.

International phone booths
These are yellow and are found in popular tourist areas, such as Patong and Phuket City. You can purchase a pre-paid card from some mobile phone shops and convenience stores.

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